Los Angeles-based furniture maker Andrew Riiska started Riiska Design studio where he creates studio furniture based on subjects ranging into the fine art realm. His furniture, which encompasses elements of design, woodwork, sculpture and art, are tactile journeys of discovery, and invitations to participate. “I’m trying to get people to interact with the work,” he says. Such are the series of the Kick Ass Chair and Play Trays, in which his mastery of the material and simple, time-consuming organic finishes fans out to assemblage and deepen his conceptual bent.

While Riiska often acts as a designer and/or manufactures multiples, his process and works, as easily, enter the realm of art. Andrew Riiska has been exhibited in galleries in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and was featured in the 2010 California Design Biennial at Pasadena Museum of California Art.

His work will be showcased at the House of Woo through December 2016.

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