Kathe Beltran is a visual artist. Her subjects are often groups of people we make easy assumptions about (cops, seniors, women); her portraits aim to uncover the uniqueness of each individual.

She recently completed a residency as Artist at the Westchester Senior Center, where she learned to become comfortable working while people watched. After years of working in collage, film making and portraiture, she has started painting from the live model again. She has been developing her series of nude paintings over the course of a year in Laddie John Dill's master painting class. These works are the result of those studies in class.

Kathe has exhibited work at LACMA, LA Art Association, Gallery 825, Topanga Gallery, and was prize winner at the FHP/Take Care competition. Beltran received her MFA degree from the Film Theater and Television Program at UCLA, though now she prefers to create slices of life in oils and acrylics. Her work is collected nationally.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our live sketch artist series!
Kathe's series titled "Nudes Nudes Nudes" will be on display at the House of Woo through December 2016.

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