Himalayan Salt Candle Light

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Like regular salt lamps, a salt crystal candle holder is hygroscopic. This means it attracts water vapor from the surrounding air onto its surface.
This water vapor carries indoor air pollution, such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust mite and cockroach waste products and other contaminants.
Once attracted to the salt crystals, these pollutants remain trapped there, while the heat from the candle releases the purified water droplets back into the air.
Also, like Himalayan salt lamps, the candle holders do release small amounts of beneficial negative ions into the air.



Note: The salt used in these lamps can vary in shade and patterning from one candle holder to the next since it is a completely natural earth mined salt chunks and not a processed and formed salt. Sometimes when unlit pure high quality Himalayan salt may be very light whitish pink or they may have a more orange color.  Candle not included.


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