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Wednesday, December 20th - Cashmere Applique Sweatshirt Workshop

The House of Woo

Be our guest designer and sneak behind the scenes of our House of Woo Design Studio.  

Sift through our extensive library of repurposed cashmere colors and choose from a selection of templates:  heartbreaker, gem, sharks tooth or waves, rainbow OR create your own pattern to be custom stitched to your Uplifters sweatshirt or sweatpant of choice.  Your customized masterpiece will be finished and shipped to you within 5 to 7 days.  Create matching sweatshirts with your best friends or matching mother/daughter / father/son sweats... or just create one of kind for yourself!

$100 per guest designer

Includes a custom sweatpant or sweatshirt with a custom cashmere appliqué and up to 3 letter monogram. 

Bring a previously loved 100% cashmere sweater to recycle and we will give you a $25 store credit.  Sweaters must be 100% cashmere and holes / stains / ugly styles are ok!

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