It's a confusing time and in the midst of the chaos, we search for a purpose and a way to help.  While we all can do our very important part by distancing ourselves & staying home, many people are called to the frontlines and we need them to continue working. 

We started by creating some sample face masks made from our repurposed fabric scraps and leftover rolls of elastics that we planned on giving to whoever needs them and has developed quickly into a call to action.  I've been binge reading articles about the shortages of supplies to keep workers safe and how to contain the spreading of germs.  Hand washing is essential, not touching your face and wearing face masks help. 

We have been working on getting as many masks made as the demand is increasing. We have the capability to make thousands within a week.  Healthcare workers, caretakers and grocery store workers are on the front line and at potential risk with every person they come into close contact with.  Many healthcare facilities are reserving the N-95 and surgical masks for those working with confirmed cases only.  Despite conflicting reports, the MASKS HELP.   We already have a dozen inquires from Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare workers who are taking the mask shortage into their own hands and are reaching out to us... We anticipate that the requests are not going to slow down anytime soon.  If healthcare workers are asking, we realize the masks are an asset.  Here is a quick read if you have any doubt..

Please reach out if you are a grocer, health care facility or any group or individual in need of masks and we will get them as many as we can.

If you want to sponsor masks for any group or individual click here! 

Thank you to Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for generously partnering with us to get masks made and distributed to all the South Bay Grocery store workers and beyond.  

Let's protect our community and flatten the curve.  Thank you to all the helpers out there!   Shop masks for yourself and Donate for the frontline workers  

xx Staci


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