Join us for an Intro to Tarot Workshop in our Arts District Space hosted by Jennifer Joseph @virgostar_readings

 Happening Saturday July 13th 10am-1pm @ House of Woo ,

209 S Garey St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

intro to tarot reading dtla workshop

My approach to tarot:
I see tarot as a visual system that communicates with the field of potential, through our subconscious. The images on the cards are drawn from deep archetypal energies, and can inform our process of self-awareness, and enhance our intuition.

This 3 hour introductory workshop will give an overview of the tarot as a tool for self-discovery.  




tarot art
Subjects covered:
Symbolism of the 4 suits, discussion of the 4 Elements
Basic Numerologic symbolism, discussion of the vibration of numbers
Overview of the Major Arcana, discussion of the Fool’s Journey
Discussion of meaning in the traditional Celtic Cross layout
Interactive reading demonstration
This workshop will be fun, packed with info, and enlightening.  
Cost per person: $65
10 people maximum



photo credit: Voyager Tarot

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