We're so excited to announce the newest addition to the House of Woo lineup: the Workshop in a Box Subscription. Over the years we have hosted countless in-person workshops at our Arts District Design Studio, inviting you into our space to create one-of-a-kind garments. This past holiday season we created the Uplifters Custom Sweats kit, an at-home custom sweatsuit.  By popular demand, we want to bring that experience to you on a regular basis with our workshop subscription box, with new exclusive design projects arriving at your doorstep bi monthly.

Our mission has always been to repurpose excess fabric yields & vintage trims. Every garment will be made entirely using rescued fabric yields & trims we've cataloged over the years.   We want to create pieces made specifically for you.  In each box, you choose the fabric, trims, and personalized details to truly make a one of a kind piece.  From plush beach towels to super soft hoodies with cashmere appliqué details, you’ll have the freedom to customize to your taste and specifications.  Each box will include a guided design notebook to map out your creation and a curated selection of products we love to get you inspired.  Each project will add another dimension to your skills as a creator, making this subscription a hands-on masterclass in design. This is the ultimate in sustainability, creating the product how you want it,  with repurposed materials.  For those who can't make it in person to experience our design workshops, we can still create a product together that you will cherish for years to come.

We invite you to join the love with custom cashmere appliqués on our favorite pieces as well as a curation of our favorite travel essentials. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the ultimate creative club and reserve your first box today!

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