Our Process

Designed, cut and sewn local. Each piece is made with intention in our Arts District studio using sustainable plant based materials.

Every piece is made using organic cotton or hemp cotton, then hand dyed using Indigo, Madder Root or Pomegranate rind to create our classic "cloud" effect.

We hand dip each garment into "the vat" which is made using a custom paste of natural dye powder and water, then we set each piece out to oxidize and dry before it's washed.

Why we love it..
Each piece in this collection will look totally unique from the next. The color that is given off while dyeing depends on the nutrients in the soil while the plants are growing, the mineral content of the water used for dyeing, the water temperature and for how long the garment is in the vat for.
When using plant based dye, each type can create such a wide range of colors. From sky blue to navy or peach to blood red.
"Similar to creating a sourdough bread, natural dye needs a particular environment, understanding and gentle coaxing to release its magic."
the color chart

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