The day after Christmas we set out for much needed 3 week change of scenery.  We had our sights set on heading to Kauai but at the time due to Covid numbers rising, the island of Kauai was closed to all travel.  We considered switching gears and heading to Costa Rica but (after discovering one soon-to-expire passport) ended up heading to Oahu.  Two weeks after we arrived in Hawaii, Kauai opened to inter-island travel and with our family of negative covid tests we jumped at the opportunity to get over to Kauai.  It was the most unusual of times, locals were weary of any visitors but we tread lightly, quietly settled in and got to experience the splendor of the North shore of Kauai.

We were living in a 1980's version of Hanalei (the pandemic lockdowns and a devastating mudslide kept the town unusually under-crowded), and fortunately we found ourselves surrounded by a warm network of great families and new friends.  I created special Hanalei sweatshirts for our friends before we all left the island, but we kept extending our stay and our 3 weeks ended up turning into 4 months.  The chainstitched Hanalei sweatshirt idea shifted from a momento to keep our little crew connected to a meaningful way to bridge together all lovers of Hanalei and to give back to this gem of a community that welcomed us during this most unusual time in history.  

With each sweatshirt, we are able to raise awareness and donate 20% to the Hanalei Initiative,  a collective group of caring citizens working for the betterment of Hanalei and the North Shore.

By popular request, we are offering another presale for those who missed out on the initial presale.  They are now exclusively available online for preorder  for two days only.  Order by this Thursday,  or if you are in Hanalei,  shop for them in person with our friends at the Barn 808 in Hanalei.

If you are interested in a souvenir sweatshirt for your crew or your favorite spot, reach out and we can create something special.  

Here is a glance at some of our favorite shots of the Hanalei sweatshirts in Hanalei.

Zoom school started at 6am and ended by 11 am so this crew had lots of free time to explore (and model).  Here they are in the Hanalei long sleeve sweatshirts as they wear them these days...oversized


Steph,  man muse and all things kauai @livesalty in the grey long sleeve sweatshirt.


Lesley, on one of my favorite beach day hangs, looking hot in the hot pink short sleeve 


Just another day in Hanalei Bay. 

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