Woo Custom Kits

Over 8 years ago we began inviting our Little Woo friends into our design studio to experience the design process and to help us repurpose our library of excess fabric yields, coveted printed fabrics and vintage trims. Over the years, hundreds of Little Woo designers have joined us to create with purpose, making bespoke merchandise with their personal touch, designed with intention.
Fast forward 8 years later, we have now launched Woo Custom Design Kits. We’ve imagined 4 of our favorite themes, gathered inspired graphics, patches and textures from repurposed materials to curate a souvenir of sorts. Something you can take part in creating, it's an experience but also cozy tangible sweats that you’ll covet for years, will evoke warm memories of a moment in time and a piece we hope will become future vintage.

Enjoy the process!