Custom Baby Onesie

Make your own custom baby onesie! Choose any word or phrase you like to create something completely unique.

Step by step:

  1. Click the "Customize the onesie" button
  2. Select the color onesie you want
  3. Choose the size
  4. Get wordy: get creative with your word or phrase!
  5. Choose your typeface
  6. Choose your material: Flock or Vinyl. Flock has a fuzzy texture, while Vinyl has a smooth, matte finish. Most of our souvenir tees are printed with flock.

Please note that if you order a larger letter word or multiple lines, the word(s) may be placed on two lines or made smaller than the mock up. 

For birthday, bachelorette, graduations, etc. customization requests, please email for bulk pricing



Allow up to 2 weeks for your onesie to arrive. We hand press each letter on your onesie in our design studio in Los Angeles. Because of the personalized nature of this onesie, we can't process returns or exchanges, and no changes to your customization can be made after ordering. 

If you are placing an order with multiple items please note: unless requested, all items will ship at once after the custom piece is completed. We appreciate your patience!

Make sure to tag us in your custom Uplifters!